Helicopters need to be packed just like you park your car in the garage. However, helicopters are skid equipped and therefore packing them is a little bit tedious. This is because the skids give the helicopter a very hard time when moving on the ground. For this reason, when packing the helicopter in the garage, you need at least four people, depending on the size of the helicopter, to give you a hand in the transfer.  You then need the ground wheels to move from the hanger to your garage at a very fast speed.  This is where helicopter trolleys come in since they make the handling of the ground easily, and instead of having four or more people, parking the helicopter becomes very easy and can be managed by a single person.

Purchasing a helicopter trolley

What is a helicopter trolley? A helicopter trolley always makes work easier for those who use skid helicopters.  For this reason, investing in a helicopter trolley is a great decision for you to make. When you buy helicopter trolleys, you will manage your helicopter easily, which will allow you to optimise financial resources with more ease.  However, when you are buying your Helicopter trolley, you must make sure that you’re buying a trolley that is compatible with the helicopter. You also need to learn that not all helicopter trolleys you find in the market are suitable for handling and operating your helicopters. Therefore remember that a helicopter trolley can be suitable for one helicopter but not suitable for the other. This is why you must buy a helicopter trolley that is compatible with your helicopter.  If you think that buying helicopter trolleys is a very simple task, then you are wrong. You have to be very careful to make sure that you do not make any mistakes that would make you buy a trolley that will not be compatible with your helicopter.


Things not to forget when purchasing a helicopter trolley

For you to make the right selection on the helicopter trolley to invest in, do not forget the following things when looking for a helicopter trolley;

  • Size

This is one of the most important things that should guide you on the helicopter trolley to select, especially because the trolleys are available in different sizes. You need to select a helicopter trolley that is large enough for your helicopter’s skids.  These skids need to fit perfectly on the trolley and even give an allowance on the sides.  Always avoid purchasing a helicopter trolley that does not have more spaces on the sides since if the helicopter slides damage can be caused.

  • Weight capacity

The helicopter trolley you invest in must withhold your helicopter’s weight.  It should also help the helicopter to move quickly despite its weight.  This is why you should never forget to check on the weight capacity of the helicopter trolley you are buying to ensure that you do not buy a trolley that cannot withstand the weight of the helicopter.

  • Surface smoothness

You must select a trolley that is very smooth for your helicopter to land on.  Smooth helicopter trolleys allow the helicopter to land without rolling over when it begins to move on the ground. Also, rough materials can damage the Skids of your helicopter. This means that you must check for the surface smoothness of the trolley you wish to invest in to be sure that it is smooth.

  • Height

Helicopter trolleys are more preferred when they have a lower height. This is to make sure that the helicopter lies comfortably on the trolley’s base. Also, with a helicopter trolley that has a lower height, you can climb on the helicopter with so much ease.

  • Ability to secure

You should not forget to look at whether the helicopter trolley you select has locking wheels and brakes that you can use in case of any problem. The locking brakes or wheels will help you hold your helicopter in a firm position just in case anything is to happen.





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