Buying a hospital bed for patients at home or in the hospital setup is challenging, especially where patients’ requirements are unique. However, with a little advice from long-term dealers or consultants, you can make the right purchase decisions. Follow this guide for a bit of insight to effectively and efficiently buy one or several for a health care institution.


Jot down the desirable features

Features such as; motorised adjustment features, wheel lock steering properties, adjustable heights, profiling mattress that allows patients to adjust in different manners, i.e. raise the head, raise legs and more. Some extra features to look for in a hospital bed include; favourable colour, lower height range, side rails and more; here is a list of fundamental features that should not miss: height adjustment, profiling mattress, side rails, motorized adjustment with remote control feature, tilt features, custom wood colours, can fit air mattress, and fully enclosed framing.

Another special feature that a hospital bed for home care based patients include is an electric adjustment mechanism with a recommendable height range which is determined by the distance between the floor and the profiling mattress. A standard height range is between 40-and 80 cm off the ground. If your patient is at risk of falling, i.e. child, consider a low bed height ability. A low distance adjustable bed lowers the risks of falling and the impact if the patient falls off to the ground. Low hospital beds are increasingly becoming popular for home-based care.

Trendelenburg’s position in a hospital bed is also a critical factor to consider to ease the transfer of patients from one platform to the other. These kinds of hospital beds were first used in 1881 and they are fundamental in exposing body organs during surgical procedures.


Quality build

Quality build is another critical factor to consider when buying a hospital bed. Hospital beds come with extremely high costs, it is, therefore, paramount to ensure you get something worth your investment. If you are buying a hospital bed for your loved ones, you are likely to use it long-term and it should stand the test of time. It should be sturdy enough to handle any amount of weight. And it can last for many years even with extensive use. Design should inform our purchase decision. Manufacturers nowadays design beds to meet various needs of a patient. If you like the look and build, then your patient will like it too. If you are buying several pieces for a hospital setup, it should be attractive to complement the ambience of the room. It should also come with quality profiling mattresses and covers. All the accessories should be of high quality and provide maximum comfort to the patient. Unwelcoming features of a hospital bed will cause more harm than good.

There are different suppliers of beds for emergency rooms available today and as you choose your preferred supply do a background check whether through online reviews or other references to ensure you get a supplier who deals with genuine and quality hospital beds. If you can’t afford to buy a new hospital bed for your patient and your patient is temporarily bed-bound, you can decide to look for a used hospital bed because they are budget-friendly and have comfort features. When you order one make sure the price offered includes assembling and shipping fees.






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