This article is the second part of CUF 50407 or otherwise known as Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services. It will delve on the discussion of employability skills qualification summary of aspiring applicants for the said course particularly on the following competency indicators:


Planning and organising


  • examining and analysing data from various sources that deal with possibly difficult issues.
  • establishing and carrying out the project at all phases
  • organising cosmetics and beauty tasks and carrying them out methodically


  • developing and overseeing operational demands and assets for cosmetics, hair, and prosthetics creation for special makeup effects.
  • controlling spending
  • setting up and maintaining an OHS system.
  • creating and upholding protocols for locating dangers, evaluating risks, and controlling them
  • documenting synchronisation information for cosmetics and hairstyles
  • arranging information for research logically




  • meeting deadlines
  • controlling work with composure and efficiency to achieve objectives and results
  • delivering pertinent and prompt documents
  • adhering to workplace policies and laws governing health and hygiene
  • When using cosmetics and hair merchandise, adhere to the instructions given by the manufacturer.




  • examining and improving one’s capacity to make a meaningful contribution to a group process of innovation.
  • criticising and questioning one’s own abilities and practices
  • locating and taking advantage of educational opportunities
  • being ready to pick up new skills in foreign environments
  • giving everyone on the team OHS orientation and instruction
  • staying current with market changes and general patterns
  • consulting experts as necessary





  • creating cosmetics and hairstyles with a variety of equipment and grooming aids
  • taking sequence shots with a digitally shot lens.
  • creating layouts and special makeup effects plans utilising software for the PC
  • using drawing and sculpture to create prosthetic objects.
  • utilising the web for inquiry
  • utilising standard word-processing applications in the framework of finishing work-related paperwork
  • utilising networks to obtain and document the results of research


The abovementioned competencies also come with six core units, four group A and B units and six elective units presented below as numbered subjects with a detailed description. The following are as follows:


Qualification levels


Core units


Creative thinking


  • Improve and broaden your capacity for thought that is critical and imaginative.
  • Work together on an intriguing project




  • Design, use, and then wipe off cosmetic
  • For concerts or stagings, shape your hair




  • Control projects
  • OHS
  • Establish a secure workplace


Units in Group A (specialised)



  • choosing and utilising hair extensions
  • Create wigs and hair accessories
  • Make-up
  • Keep your hair and makeup consistent.
  • For shows or productions, design wigs and extensions for hair.
  • Create and use specialised makeup
  • Create and use unique cosmetic treatments.
  • Develop implants for unique cosmetic techniques



Units in Group B

  • Communication
  • Introduce a topic
  • Sensible thought
  • Convey and discuss ideas clearly
  • Investigate the origins and societal effects of innovation
  • Create and flesh out notions,




  • Analyse an architectural specification and provide an answer
  • Build and broaden expertise in design
  • Integrate strategies for design,


Administration of finances


  • Manage finances and finances
  • Personnel management administration
  • Hire, choose, and onboard employees


Sector setting


  • Perform efficiently in a company resilience setting
  • Connection establishment
  • Offer goods on an independent contractor premise.
  • Become a specialist in film and multimedia.
  • Investigate and assess dramatic antecedents to guide business decisions




  • Implement procedures that encourage creativity


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