Disability employment services have been initiated by the Australian government to help people who have suffered from any sort of injury and illness to find and keep a job. They also help people to manage health issues which might make it difficult for them to get to work. The employees at the disability employment services ensure that their able to identify the strength and the work capabilities of the individuals who present themselves. They also help them learn new skills which are in keeping with their current abilities and also helping them find work in a more inclusive workplace.

The DES is also providing support to employers or companies who are looking to hire staff. The DES comprises of two parts which include Management services and Employment support services.


The advantages associated with disability employment services

Individuals who joined a disability employment service provider get an access to a whole lot of advantages which also includes a consultation by an employment officer. They will then guide them towards finding a job which is very suited for them.

If you are thinking about joining a disability employment service provider make sure that you discuss any career goals that you have in mind. They will also help you create resume and make sure that there able to identify the skills and attributes which your employers my find useful and hire you for stop the individuals at the services are also responsible for searching for jobs in helping you prepare for interviews of people with disability are able to find work through the service provider.

Individuals who do not have a disability but are suffering from any sort of short or long term illness can also join employment services for disabled. However it is important that they have been diagnose and the services will then support them to make sure that they get the right kind of assistance. There are number of people with different health conditions who have been held by the services to find and keep a job.

Before you join any disability employment service provider is it is important that they have the right side of skills and knowledge as well as resources to help people manage and overcome the problems and the successful in finding employment. They have a big network across Australia so that individuals are able to secure a job in the location of their choice. Usually people who are referred to the employment services are first considered whether they are eligible for doing so. Once their eligibility is confirmed they are there referred to the employment service which is nearest to their home take the services directly and then the provider would make sure that they are eligible to join the program.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with any sort of injury illness or disability and is aged 14 to 65 can find work with the services. However, they should be able to work at least eight hours per week which support whenever required. It is also important that they are in Australian resident and are not studying at the full time basis.


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